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Watch This Is the End 2013 Movie2k

Watch This Is the End

This movie features some of movie2k’s finest actors which of course is  Jonah Hill, James Franco house & Seth Rogen the people have of movie2k have been waiting along time for this movie and now its arrived this movie is about a party goes wrong which turns into an apocalypse and its absolutely Hilarius movie2k have voted this movie 10-10 mainly due to the cast choice.

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Watch The Internship 2013 Movie2k

If you like Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson and use Google then you will love this movie movie2k has waited ages to watch this movie is its one of our favorite movies of the year anything that Vince touches is amazing he is one of the funniest guys on earth and working alongside Owen Wilson it doesn’t get much better. Owen & VInce are two old school guys that leave their sales job and go and work for Google but did things turn out how they expected.

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Watch The Fast and the Furious 6 2013 Movie2k

Watch The Fast and the Furious 6

Some might say that this is best fast and furious and believe me they could be right this is not want of those movies they make to make a quick buck this is one fantastic movie with the usual cast you will see lots of action and fast cars and a great story line. Luke asks Toretto to take a down a special ops team that know a thing or two about war tasks this is a fantastic movie so take a few hours out of your day and enjoy. Movie2k have rated Fast and the Furious 6 10-10.

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Watch Man of Steel 2013 Movie2k

Watch Man of Steel

This is definitely up their with the most epic films of the year and its a movie that everyone is talking about Man of Steel is a movie about a working man that has a past life of extraterrestrial life and now later on her has to confront his life but what happens in the process. Without a doubt this film is amazing and movie2k have decided to give this movie a 10-10 because its awesome.

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Watch The Croods 2013 Movie2k

Watch The Croods

Avery cute funny film to watch with the family the movie is about the first family ever to step foot on earth a great movie for kids and grown ups too. The crood find lots of lovely new creatures and find their way on the new earth that they first discovered movie2k has gave this movie a rating of 7-10 and we added it to the database today 20/07/2013.

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Watch GI Joe Retaliation 2013 Movie2k

Watch GI Joe Retaliation

Its impossible not to like Dwayne Johnson for two reasons the first is that he rocks and second is because he is awesome this is one hell of a movie we thought at first they could not make better than the original GI Joe but this is simply an amazing story where the Joe’s were framed by the government and now they seek to warn everyone of the truth about zartan. Movie2k are giving this movie 9-10 and we added it to the database today 0/19/2013.

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Watch White House Down 2013 Moive2k

Watch White House Down

Yet another film for the ladies because we know how much you love Channing Tatum which we might add is a very fine actor Channing Tatum is becoming more and more famous everyday and its wonder with acting skills like these and its nice to see him play different role every now and then this is one fantastic movie which is action packed from the beginning Jamie Foxx has to save the president when the white house is overtaken by a “spoiler” we will say no more but movie2k voted White House Down 9-10 for being one hell of a film.

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Watch The Heat 2013 Movie2k

Watch The Heat

This movie is actually supposed to be very good although movie2k has not actually sat down and watched it we have heard though the grapevine that its a very cool film the main star is the much loved  Sandra Bullock and the movie is about a bad mouthed cop with very bad language trying to take down a drug king pin. Movie2k has voted this movie 7-10 based on other reviews that we found online. This movie was added to our database today 07/19/2013.

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Watch The Lone Ranger 2013 Movie2k

Watch The Lone Ranger

A fantastic remake of the original Lone Ranger however this one features one for the ladies the legendarily Johnny Depp plays Tonto in this fantastic new version of The Lone Ranger movie2k has decided to give this movie a generous 9-10 because we love the old version and anyone attempting to remake this movies deserves this vote. A very good movie to sit back and relax and watch on a Sunday afternoon.

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Watch Kevin Hart Let Me Explain 2013 Movie2k

Watch Kevin Hart Let Me Explain

You may or may know of Kevin Hart but he is one very funny guy this comedy sold out within minutes when it was first released in the ticket stores set in Madison Square Garden Kevin Hart does stand up comedy for just over an hour so if you fancy a good laugh today then this is the right movie for you. Movie2k has voted this movie 5-10 this movie was added to the movie2k database today 07/19/2013

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